Timing Belts

Timing Belts

Also known as Synchronous Belts, Timing Belts are an integral part of power transmission drives. High Quality, low maintenance and up to 99% efficiency – we provide a complete range of timing belts. We offer a comprehensive range of timing belts made of rubber and polyurethane.

The Optibelt OMEGA High Power high-performance timing belt was especially developed to meet the most demanding requirements. We provide Omega, Omega HP & HL and the latest Omega High Power & High Load range.
Dynamic tests with optibelt OMEGA High Power show an increase in performance of up to 150 % compared to the optibelt OMEGA. The optimized tooth shape with indented tip significantly reduces noise levels.

The optibelt DELTA Chain is a new high performance timing belt that sets standards in the market. The optibelt DELTA Chain was designed for high torques and delivers high performance even in extreme use and with high loads. With its carbon cord, it is the ideal alternative to drives with roller chains.

Alpha Power PU Timing Belts are made with new, more resistant and more durable polyurethane compound thus delivering exceptional performance and resistance to oil, acids and alkalis.

We can offer Flex, Finger Jointed, Pin Jointed as well as Timing Belts with Cleats & Coatings.


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