Monolithic Conveyor Belts

Monolithic Conveyor Belts

Monolithic conveyor belts are the most hygienic, durable, and convenient alternatives to traditional conveyor belts. They are widely used in the F&B industry.

Monolithic conveyor belts are specially designed to work in wet and even submerged conditions. They are made from thermoplastic Polyurethane, Polyester, PVC, etc. They offer excellent chemical resistance and do not use any intermediate layers made from fabrics which removes the risk of liquids penetrating the belting material and causing damage and any kind of fraying. They are also easy to clean and maintain.

Our range of monolithic conveyor belts is made from superior materials to provide hygienic and durable belting solutions. We offer belts that demonstrate high strength and are suitable for high loads and long distances. Our belts also offer microbial resistance making them suitable for the food and pharmaceutical industries.
We also offer monolithic elastic conveyor belts for proper fit and applications where pulley adjustment is not possible.

For applications with very high belt loads, we also offer monolithic belts with hidden aramid cords in the belt core for increased strength. Get in touch with us for custom solutions in monolithic conveyor belts and get quick on-site installations and repair services.


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