Flat Transmission Belts

Flat Transmission Belts

Flat Transmission belts are used to transfer power or motion between two rotating shafts. These belts either have polyamide or polyester core.

Our wide range of transmission belts offers long service life and low maintenance to reduce the chances of machine downtime. They are easy to install and are flexible with low noise levels. They are easy to maintain and don’t require the use of lubricants. We offer transmission belts in a variety of torque, speed, and temperature ranges.

Our transmission belts use two types of joining methods –

  • Overlap joints – Overlap belt joints are the simplest joining method and are used in places where an even surface is not critical to the proper functioning of the belt. This type of joining can be made easily on-site during belt installation.
  • Finger joints – These joints are ideal when you need an even surface on the belt. Two pieces of the belt are joined together with a strap of material underneath the joint, welded securely. The finger joints put less pressure on the joint and provide enhanced strength and flexibility.

With our in-house fabrication services, we can provide quick and precise flat belt solutions, so that your factory keeps running without any disruption or outages.


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