Pulleys & Couplings

Pulleys & Couplings

In order to provide a complete power transmission solution, we offer pulleys, couplings, and bushes.


To fulfill its commitment of providing a complete “Power Transmission Solution” to our customers, we also provide Pulleys and Bushes.

Our pulleys enable optimum power transmission drives using the combination of the Transmission belts with compatible pulleys. Our comprehensive solutions ensure that there are no part mismatches and service issues. Pulley and Bushes are made as per International standards and follow a strict manufacturing procedure per the ISO standards. The Pulleys product range includes –

  • V Belt Pulleys
  • Timing Pulleys
  • Poly-V Pulleys


We also provide a range of suitable couplings which have low operation costs, exceptional performance, and simple designs for easy installations. The couplings we offer include –

  • Simple couplings
  • PHRC couplings
  • Pin Bush couplings
  • Tyre couplings
  • Gear couplings
  • Grid couplings

All these couplings come with a range of products and attributes to suit specific applications.


We provide bushes that are easy to install and remove. Our range of bushes also offers interchangeability. Our range of bushes includes –

  • Standard bushes
  • Taper bushes


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