Light Duty Conveyor Belts

Light Duty Conveyor Belts

Light-duty conveyor belts are used to carry light to medium loads. They are widely used in food processing, package handling, distribution systems, short to medium-distance transportation, etc.

Our wide range of product portfolio includes belting solutions for almost every light-duty conveyor belt application across different industries. The belts come in different materials such as Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), Polyurethane (TPU), Polyolefin (TPO), Polyester (TPEE), and Silicon to suit a variety of industry use cases. These materials combined with different impressions – we stock more than 40 varieties to tackle any conveying challenge.

Our advanced fabrication workshop provides complete customization of light-duty conveyor belts. Our conveyor belt manufacturing includes the latest high-performance machines such as high-frequency machines, Automatic Slitters, Guide Welding machines, CNC machines, and high-performance presses for high-quality custom-made conveyor belts.

We can customize conveyor belts as per applications and user requirements:

  • Cleats (Straight, Inclined, Scooped) on the upper side of the belt for conveying inclinations.
  • Sidewall to avoid spillage and material falling over the edges.
  • Guides at the bottom side to help in tracking the belt.

We can offer belts with conventional hot-press joins or with mechanical fastener joins. Our precision cutting machine gives us capabilities to manufacture Radius or Curve belts to exact dimensions and customer requirements.
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